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Privacy Policy

Law firms providing financial services such as estate and tax planning for individuals currently required by federal law to inform their clients about their policies privacy of customer information. We always ensure the confidentiality of information provided to us by our customers and be bound by professional standards, will continue to keep this vital aspect of our professional relationship.

I. Obtaining Client Information

The company collects confidential personal information about our customers from the following sources:

Information You Provide: Our client commitments generally require us to obtain personal information about our customers, so we can get on with the various services they provide to our customers as part of the professional relationship.
Other sources: Depending on the service, the customer is engaged in the business complete, you can request confidential information about the topic at hand. But this information is never obtained without special permission customer for the type of information and source (s) from which it can be achieved.

II. Disclosure of confidential information

Fast Our policy is not to disclose confidential information about their customers. Confidential personal information as defined in the regulations as any publicly available information that we have been helped by information from you in connection with professional services will perform for you, which is not public information. An example would be a bank account number, which somehow used to obtain information about a trial court or other public record would not have found by ourselves, without using a bank account number acquired from you. In a general sense, any information that a client provides us that involves financial product or service is likely considered nonpublic personal information and receive the same protection from disclosure as all other information about our customers. For the purpose of our business relationships with our customers, all of the information gathered is only under the following conditions:

Employees of the company: employees who need the information to complete a transaction, the customer has hired the company.
Providers: As with any business, we have our own accounting, insurance and other service businesses that you may need to provide information that the rules consider confidential personal information. An example would be your account activity for our accounting firm to prepare financial statements for internal or external purposes Us. Another example would be computer consultants should have access to certain client files so that they are able to increase the efficiency of our systems. We have always insisted that the information to be published on a commercial basis, is considered confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than to a specific business need. This well-understood business policy of confidentiality should be reinforced as required by contractual agreements between providers in the industry, with reference to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules.
Other: In addition to the above situation, we can not disclose confidential personal information, or other information to any third party without the express permission of the customer. An example would other professionals who help the company bring our customer commitment. In such a case, you will require customer approval for such disclosure.

Besides privacy, the new rules FTC offers the Internal Revenue Code prevents the disclosure of customer information provided tax planning or preparation without written permission from the customer. In addition, rules of conduct that govern the operation of the principles upon which our company will have to follow the prohibition of disclosure of information to customers.

III. Security Settings

We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard confidential personal information about our customers, and any other information to ensure our customers that protection of privacy is an important part of engagement company to provide the best possible service.

IV. Opt-out provision

Federal Trade Commission rules that this notice must include a provision to request that the company does not release confidential personal information. While such a request is unnecessary because the company does not disclose confidential personal information in a way that will allow you to choose from, for the sake of good rules, will include this Opt Out Provision.

Please contact us at if you have any questions, We protect your personal information, our business model and the ability to give you professional quality is very important to us.

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